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Philip Sutton An Artist’s View boasts over 70 quality reproductions of Sutton’s joyous oil paintings and coloured pencil drawings as well as pencil sketches and deftly balanced charcoal drawings.

There is a rare chance to see images of Philip as a young artist in London in the 50’s and in the early 60’s in Fiji. Turning the pages we see vibrant tropical landscapes that Sutton painted while living on the island.

There are photographs of the painter at work in Wales and we can delight at the wondrous colours lit up in his paintings of the landscape around his home there.

To see coloured pencil sketches beside his oil paintings gives us a feel for how the artist works, his curiosity ever lively.

The family portraits in charcoal from the 60’s show his way with shadow and brightness while his light touch lets through with feeling a sense of the person he studies.

In this book, Sutton talks about his experiences of drawing and painting.

“I don’t want to make assumptions about what I’m looking at. The whole point… is how is it like that, why is it like that? I try, in other words, not to impose on the subject. I think imposing is a very boring thing… I give no credit to that at all. What I give credit to is something which is seen in a way that the person seeing it didn’t know that they were going to see.”

This book comes to you directly from Philip’s private gallery in Bridport, Dorset. The artist lives and works a short distance from the town’s harbour. His gallery is located in Bridport’s lively Art and Craft Quarter.

Sutton studied at The Slade School of Fine Art in London in the 50’s and received scholarships to paint abroad. His palette stood out and as a young painter he already had his own distinct way with paint.

After a successful exhibition, he and his wife Heather decided to take their young family to Fiji and there the artist produced a series of bright tropical landscapes. They went on to live between London and Cornwall, where Philip continued to paint prolifically: landscapes aglow with light, thoughtful portraits of family and friends, joyous still lifes. His vistas of Wales where they lived for many years are just as vibrant, painting the fields in front of their house a harmony of dancing colours.

Sutton has received many commissions over the years, including a London Underground poster and a set of postage stamps for the Royal Mail. He has sold paintings to collections such as the UK Parliament and the Tate. A series of Shakespeare paintings he made in the 90’s have been on show around Britain, including at Shakespeares’s Globe Theatre in London and Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon. The artist has held exhibitions around the world, exhibition-goers attending in delight.

The light movement of his brush on canvas can be seen in glorious reproductions in this unique book.